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Welcome to a new look at needlepoint. As a new needlepointer, perhaps you have been frustrated by the “needlepoint police” who have tried to tell you the “right” way to stitch. Perhaps you’re frustrated by the high cost of painted canvases. As a seasoned stitcher, you may be looking to improve your techniques, learn new stitches, and create original projects. No matter what kind of stitcher you are, you’ll find what you need here!

Colorful Needlepoint is an exciting membership site for all needlepointers, brought to you by Janet M Perry. So many stitchers feel as if they don’t have what they need, whether it’s a new stitch, the easiest way to add embellishments or a design that reflects their tastes. We’re here to help, to give you ideas, answer your questions, show you great stitches, or help you create designs that reflect you.

You’ll grow more confident as a stitcher, You’ll find a community of other needlepoiters, and you’ll find ways, explained in terms you can understand. to create great needlepoint.

I hope you’ll join me!

The site will have:

  • monthly projects, including 4 new stitch guides each year
  • stitch & pattern libraries (all patterns licensed for you to use)
  • how-to, cheatsheets, & tutorials
  • challenges, forums, & group projects
  • needlepoint reference
  • and much more!
(Keep reading for details.)

While here you can use the links in the menu bar above to navigate around the site. All members have access to all the features on the site.

There is a series of mini-courses, designed to start at the beginning and teach you all aspects of needlepoint.  The first dozen courses are available now, and new courses will be added regularly. The first class is about understanding yourself as a stitch & understanding the canvas. Future classes will cover threads, stitches, tools, stitching effects, embellishments, shading and using overdyed threads in needlepoint.

There are stitch and pattern libraries. These will have diagrams, bargello patterns, blackwork patterns, and stitches for pattern darning. I have over 800 stitches diagrammed, so this will continue to grow until it becomes the largest repository of stitches on the Web.

You’ll find template and outline libraries, these too will continue to grow, especially the outline library. These are images of many kinds that you can transfer to canvas to create your own designs. It’s growing by 25-50 new designs per month. In addition, I have a how-to to teach you how to do this. All images in these licensed for your personal use.

For many of the courses and projects, I have additional resources, such as cheatsheets (e.g. questions to ask about a canvas), how-tos (e.g, transferring a design to canvas), and tips pages (e.g. Pattern Darning Tips0.

black cat needlepoint stitched

Eye Candy Chat Noir, copyright Napa Needlepoint

tree branch square

tree branch square, copyright Napa Needlepoint

At least one new project will be added each month and will be permanently on the site. Chat Noir, a stitch guide (pictured above top) is just one of these projects. There is a growing archive of older projects on the site. All projects are PDF format, rready for you to print and stitch

All members can submit canvases for enhancement. This information is accessible by items and permanently available here.

You can join  as a MEMBER, either monthly or annually (12 months for the price of 10!), or through the Registration page. You will be locked into this price for as long as they belong to the site.

If you are a member, please login.

Members can get to the major sections from this page or under the Getting Around link in the top menu bar. The main sections are:

Projects – find links to this month’s project download as well as links to the archive of past projects.

Libraries – links to Stitch Library, Template Library, and Pattern Library

Learning Links to all courses available to members

Resources Everything else to help you including how-tos, worksheets, cheatsheets, and more.

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