Spider Web Variation

[shortUse this stitch when you want a lacy partial cobweb. The complete directions are under stitch notes.

partial ridged spider web

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Stitch Notes: The first step to make this stitch is to trace the shape of the web onto sheer fabric. outline with Fray Chec & cut out. Baste onto the canvas with one strand of contrasting colored floss.

Make the spokes with one at either end of the web and others placed evenly around.

Begin to wrap at the right side. Go over the first stitch, come back underneath it, and on to the next spoke. The needle should enter and exit the canvas invisibly under each spoke to anchor the threads. Each spoke of the web is wrapped the same way; bring your needle to the far side of the spoke under the Straight Stitch. Wrap around the spoke, bring in into and out of the canvas under the spoke, and end with your needle once again under the straight stitch at the far side.

Do this over each of the spokes. After you have wrapped the spoke at the ending edge of the canvas, bring your needle back into the canvas and secure it. The arrows show the direction the thread should travel; it goes under the Straight Stitch, back over it (making the ridge), and then back under to the next spoke. A way to remember this is “under 2 and over 1.” The next round starts at the ending side of the previous round side of the canvas.

Uses: cobwebs

Some examples in projects:

pretty witch needlepoint

Pretty Witch, Kelly Clark canvas, copyright Napa Needlepoint

scarecrow needlepoint by kelly clark

halloween needlepoint by Kelly clark

Ghostly Treater by Kelly Clark

The spider webs were made using this stitch

A Note on stitch numbering: Unless it is essential for the look of the stitch for it to be done in a specific order, these diagrams do not have numbers. This is because the order you make the stitches is not fixed, you could easily make the sitch differently than I do and we both would be correct. Make stitches the way they make sense to you!

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